Spotlight on Success:
Dawn Larrabee

Katahdin Trust

Dawn Larrabee works with Katahdin Trust Company as an Accounting Assistant.

A recent graduate of our Verbal Communications Course, this is what she had to say about her experience with CFTEA:

“In order for me to progress in my career, I had to go outside of my comfort zone and tackle this course head on. I wanted to strengthen myself as a professional in the banking industry, and in general. Verbal Communications is such an essential part of every day life, regardless of job position.”

“My confidence level has drastically changed in the most positive ways. The feedback received from the instructor was beyond helpful. With the web course, it was the best type of self-criticism when submitting videos for class reflection and speeches. It was really eye-opening to see myself and really be able to visually pinpoint areas that needed to be strengthened.”

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