Danielle Worster
Machias Savings Bank

We spoke with Danielle on her CFTEA experience; this is what she had to say.

“I started with Machias Savings bank a little over 2 years ago. I was recently promoted to Customer Service Team Leader in April of this year.

Being prepared for future opportunities is very important to me. I found that CFTEA provided a great platform for me to gain the necessary knowledge to succeed in anything I chose.

When I started at Machias Savings Bank, I thought I had very little time to continue my education. I was a full time working mom after all.

CFTEA gave me the power over my own career path.
It allowed me to take classes at 10pm at night after my kids were sleeping, or while cooking supper for my family. I truly believe that it allowed me to focus on my career, while not sacrificing my work/home life balance.

The environment in which we do business does not stay stagnant. It continues to grow and change. For that reason alone, I feel very strongly that we need to continue to educate ourselves so we may do the same.

I have completed 5 certificates this year, and I am only one class away from my 6th. When asked if I could take all the classes that I needed to reach my goals, the word “no” was never in Machias Savings Bank’s vocabulary.

The support and encouragement that I received both from my teammates, manager, and even senior management was unparalleled. I have never worked for an employer that puts so much focus on empowering their employees to take control of their careers.”

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