Spotlight on Success; Becky Cook
Claremont Savings Bank

Becky works as a Commercial Loan Credit Analyst II and was recently appointed as an Officer of the Bank in November 2021. She began her banking career in 2007 during her summer break from college at Boston University. In 2017, Becky made the decision to pursue her Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance. In 2019, she began working at Claremont Savings Bank as a credit analyst in the commercial lending department. As an engaging community employer, Claremont Savings Bank continues to support employee development and growth. “Claremont Savings Bank appreciates its employees and constantly celebrates their successes and achievements. They provide ongoing opportunities to advance both educationally and professionally. As I moved up within my role, I am always made aware of courses that management feels could further my knowledge within the commercial banking / analyst field and encouraged to use that knowledge in my day-to-day work.”

“The Commercial Lending Underwriting program I recently took has had the greatest impact. Over my fourteen years in banking, I have taken a number of CFTEA courses and they were all beneficial with several counting towards credit as I pursued my Bachelor’s degree. However, the Commercial Lending Underwriting program gave a very in-depth look at all the different aspects of commercial underwriting and analysis – so much so that I continue to reference my notes as I write credit memos and loan proposals. I have incorporated several items within this certificate into my daily work and truly believe it has helped me grow as an analyst. I’ve been able to work at my own pace. I was able to spend less time on areas where I was more experienced and more time in areas that were new or challenging. The assessments were relevant to the material and I so appreciated the focus on credit memos which is usually missing from this type of training.”

“CFTEA courses have greatly improved my career confidence. Earlier in my career, I took Principles of Banking, Accounting, and Economics through CFTEA and all of them helped me build my banking/finance foundation as I was starting out. This is my first certificate through CFTEA, but I will definitely be looking for more programs tailored toward credit analysis.”

What would Becky say to someone that hasn’t taken a CFTEA course before or recently? “I would encourage them to find a program or course pertaining to their field or of one that interests them and take the course. Banking is always changing and keeping up with education is vital for success. CFTEA courses aid in confidence and are recognized achievements within the banking community that help further anyone’s career.”

Congratulations to Becky on completing her Master of Science degree in Accounting and Finance through Southern New Hampshire University! What is her next step? “I am always looking forward to taking new courses through CFTEA that pertain to credit analysis.”

Our Commercial Lending Underwriting Certificate is one of CFTEA’s new national partners and is part of an array of career paths supporting continued professional growth. We join in celebrating Becky’s achievements and Claremont Savings Bank as a premier local employer! Way to go, Becky!

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