Spotlight on Success:  Becca Libby
Machias Savings Bank


Becca began her banking career in March 2020 and currently works as a Senior Loan Workout Specialist in the Asset Management department at Machias Savings Bank.  She dreamt of working in the banking industry but had reservations that she could succeed.  Reflecting on her journey, “Banking and Machias Savings Bank has proven to me that if you set your heart and mind on something you can do anything you want.  I started as a Loan Servicing Specialist, transferred into Customer Service in November 2020, and in December 2021, I was offered my current position.  My goal has been to have a stronger relationship with our customers.  I was ready to not only be challenged in a new way every day, but I was ready to provide one-on-one guidance to our customers who needed assistance. “

“CFTEA classes have made a huge impact on not only my education and career goals but my personal goals as well.  Active listening taught me how to become not only a better listener but how to process everything I was listening to.  Since taking the course, The Business of Listening, my listening skills have been more present, and I have caught key customer details in conversation.  My ABA Principles of Banking class was my first CFTEA course and it introduced me to an array of topics and gave me a general idea of the banking environment.  I recommended this course to all of our new hires that I train.”

“The courses that I have taken through CFTEA have impacted my career confidence significantly.  Before I started taking these courses, I was very unsure of myself and my ability to become who I wanted to be.  Since taking these courses I have been promoted and then accepted a new position that before my courses I would never have felt confident enough to accept.  They have brought me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and career advancement.”

Reflecting on how her organization uniquely supports employee growth, Becca said, “Machias Savings Bank goes above and beyond for their employees – especially for educational purposes.  They strongly encourage each employee to expand their knowledge and skills.  By offering CFTEA courses to each employee it allows us to focus on our specific departments and goals.”

What would she say to someone that hasn’t taken a CFTEA course before or lately?  “First, I would ask – what is holding you back?  I would share my story and ask them how I can help them to start.  Take a course that interests you most or what goes with the position you are currently holding.  I tell new hires – Shoot for the stars and you will always succeed!”

Becca shared her next steps, “I plan on continuing my education with CFTEA courses and building a stronger more educated self.  CFTEA has opened many doors for me this far and I cannot wait to see where they take me in the future!”

Congratulations on your promotion, Becca, and all your hard work and leadership!  Looking for your next step?  Discover our educational career paths and begin your own story today!

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