Spotlight on Success: Angela Edgecomb – Consumer QC Processor
Bath Savings InstitutionAs someone new to banking, Angela was eager to take the opportunity to learn more about the industry. “The more I understand, the better I can be at my part of a larger picture.”

As Angela progressed in her courses, she had this to say: “The courses were very helpful in understanding regulations, laws and acronyms that were new to me. Bath Savings Institution did a wonderful job teaching me them, but the courses really helped solidify the lessons – especially the acronyms! It also has given me the opportunity to learn about other areas of the bank that may be of interest.

“Regulations, technology and customer needs are constantly changing. If we don’t keep ourselves current, we risk being left behind and no longer able to serve customers fully. Bath Savings Institution has been wonderfully encouraging! As a new employee, I’m especially appreciative. Many companies would not invest in someone right off the bat. They have been incredibly supportive. Many in my department are taking classes as well.

“I really enjoy my current role and department! Once I complete my Loan Processing Certificate, I’d like to take the Consumer Lending course.”

We wish you all the success as you continue on your career path, Angela! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and the benefits of continuing your education with CFTEA.

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