Spotlight On Success
Alex Doble
Kennebunk Savings

We talked with Alex about her CFTEA experience and this is what she had to say:

” I am a Sales and Service Representative at the Newmarket branch of Kennebunk Savings.

I decided to take classes with CFTEA because I was brand new to banking and I am the kind of person that needs to know why I am doing things a certain way.

I thought by taking these classes would clarify why things need to be done a particular way and I was right!

I believe that continued education is important because today’s business environment is constantly changing, especially banking.

Technology is also rapidly improving; this makes continuing education even more important. It is vital to stay on top of current trends to stay in business and ahead of your competition.

I have received so much support from my branch. My managers make sure I am able to leave early on the days I have class. I am extremely grateful to work for a company that wants to invest in their employees.”

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