Spotlight On CFTEA’s Council
Jennie Lund
Union Bank

Jennie Lund is a Branch Manager for Union Bank, Groveton, NH. Currently she serves on the CFTEA council and we asked her some questions about her CFTEA experience. Here’s what she had to say:

“When I was asked to join as a council member, I accepted and was excited to learn more about CFTEA with hopes to become better versed in order to help our bank’s employees advance their personal career goals.

CFTEA is continually trying to keep pace with our ever changing world…..becoming a council member gives you an inside look at the organization. The group is excellent and they encourage everyone to become involved. I like the fact that the members have a chance to provide feedback and that CFTEA is open to expanding career paths.

I also like that they offer multiple channels for learning such as Guided Learning and Self-Paced Web Courses along with traditional in-person training. CFTEA also offers personalized support for transferring college credit and degree programs.”


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