Spotlight On CFTEA’s Board
Joe Happnie

I have been on the board since February 2020. I joined the board to contribute my experience as a learning development professional to help the organization provide a more modern and engaging learning experience for financial services professionals

The most rewarding part of being on the CFTEA board is the energy and passion that the other board members bring to the table really helps me generate ideas and contribute to the conversation- not only at CFTEA, but also when I leave and go back to my everyday job.

The most challenging part for me is crafting contributions that fit the banking industry, as I am from the insurance industry. While there are similarities between these two industries, there are some differences that I need to remember to account for that may sometimes provide a blocker to ideas or solutions.

The board as a whole is engaging. It doesn’t feel like work or even extra effort to go to meetings.

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