CFTEA Graduation

There is a world of opportunity to unlock with CFTEA graduations.

Our students have worked amazingly hard during a worldwide pandemic to complete certificates, certifications and diplomas in various career paths.  It’s time to celebrate their success!  

CFTEA will be offering two dates for our second go-around with our Student Awards.  Registration will be provided to organizations in April to secure the desired date of their cheering parties around these graduates!!

Dates for upcoming Student Award Banquets are Wednesday, June 16 or Wednesday, June 23.  The programs will start at 6pm.  We are looking forward to some great photos of our students with their awards as we congratulate their hard work and dedication!

Join our Facebook page to share those successes with family, friends and co-workers in June!

Questions about your certificate, certification or diploma?  Contact the CFTEA office for personal guidance and support.

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