Recognition: Spotlight Award – Lisa Holt – Partners Bank and Krystal Boivin – Claremont Savings Bank

Spotlight Award

Lisa Holt of Partners Bank and Krystal Boivin of Claremont Savings Bank receive CFTEA Spotlight Award

Over the years, CFTEA has actively recognized key contributors to learning and development as well as the development and evolution of our non-profit.

This year we are happy to announce the introduction of our Spotlight Award. Both Lisa and Krystal have taken the lead in presenting new ideas and solutions, actively offering and following up with assistance, promoting CFTEA within their communities in new and interesting ways and always being ready with questions to enhance our organization. We love their energy!!!

It is with sincere gratitude that the the Spotlight award has been provided to these rising board leaders! Our desktop reminder is intended for a daily reminder of our gratitude. Thank you for all you do to support learning and development through our non-profit! Congratulations!!!

Spotlight Award

Spotlight Diamond Award

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