With a tight labor market, it was a team effort to bring this program to reality.

  • ABA Materials and Certification
  • 10 Banks and Credit Unions
  • 8 Students
  • 2 Students hired before completing the program!

CFTEA partnered with Portland Adult Education in 2020 to provide training and certification for their Teller Training program. Recently, the third group of amazing students graduated in person! The program brought together banks and credit unions to support the students. The students carried business and educational experiences from their home countries. The depth of the program has resulted in three classes gaining the necessary education, skills, and opportunities to support open positions at area financial institutions. The students are amazing and a future post will provide more information on the stories behind these students. A huge thank you to the banks and credit unions that supported this arrangement as well as Portland Adult Education and the Portland programs. Congratulations to the students on their graduation and being qualified candidates that would be lucky to have them work at their institution.


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