Pam Veilleux at Norway Savings Bank

Student Awards Banquet Speaker

This year, our student awards banquets went virtual to ensure the safety of all our graduates and supporters.

At our June 10 virtual student awards banquet, student speaker Pam Veilleux from Norway Savings Bank shared her personal experience on how she has benefited from career development through our non-profit.

“I have worked at Norway Savings Bank for a combined total of twenty-eight years.  Thirty years ago, this coming September, I took my first AIB (now ABA) class Accounting I.  As someone who was working as the bank receptionist / safe deposit clerk at the time, it was a very eye-opening class to take.  Especially the debits and credits part!  Taking the class with my co-workers and earning an A sparked a fire under me to learn as much as I possibly could about banking over the course of my time with Norway Savings Bank.

Since that class I have taken twenty classes of varying degrees of difficulty. I have taken live classes, Guided Learning (Correspondence) classes and self-paced eLearning.  I have earned my General Financial Services Diploma, Advanced Financial Services Diploma, Bank Operations Diploma, Banking and Finance Diploma, Consumer Lending Diploma and Residential Mortgage Lending Diploma.

In my role as AVP Executive Administration, I work with many different areas of the bank and taking these courses has been helpful to know and understand the roles and responsibilities of my co-workers, including Finance, Operations, Marketing, Retail Lending, Trust and Commercial Lending.  I am thankful that I am also able to use these classes for re certification points for my certified administrative professional designation.

The saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, is untrue.  It doesn’t matter your age.  CFTEA has a class that can help any bank employee be a better employee no matter where you are in your career.  I am very grateful to Norway Savings Bank for supporting me through the years in my endeavor to learn, learn and learn some more! “

A huge thank you to Pam for giving a speech at our virtual banquet and providing insights into her personal journey!  Her words showed the power of investing in your career and the amazing support provided by Norway Savings Bank.  We wish you all the success in the future, Pam!

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