After years of receiving faxes, the CFTEA office has now transitioned to fully use our learning management system to manage quizzes and assessments.  Our fax machine was receiving 90% SPAM and it was time to retire the technology.  In the rare situation when you are looking to provide documentation via fax, please contact our CFTEA office and we’ll be happy to assist.

“Fax machines are fine for transmitting information, but there is nothing that makes that information immediately usable or actionable. Important data can be lost or sidelined among stacks of less important information. Paper is subject to the vagaries of whether the right piece of paper is delivered to the right person at the right time. Faxes are easily lost – without so much as a trace; when important data are being transmitted, it necessitates hours of time-consuming follow-up and confirmation. Faxes are not searchable documents.” – The Changing Technology Landscape

As our learning management system continues to develop and mature, the student experience is enhanced.  Additionally, our non-profit continues to ‘go green’ to meet our contributions to a better and healthier planet for us and future generations!

Thank you for your support!

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