Commercial Construction Lending

Construction loans for commercial real estate (CRE) remain a major part of commercial bank lending. Many community banks attempt to use versions of their residential formats and policies to administer commercial construction loans; however, this generally does not adequately control the situation due to several important differences between residential and commercial projects. This program provides an overview of the key steps involved in effectively administering commercial construction loans. This two-hour recording is excellent for commercial lenders, credit analysts, and support staff that deal directly with commercial construction loans; mortgage bankers, private bankers, small business lenders, loan review specialists, special assets officers, lending managers, and credit officers indirectly involved in the construction lending process.

With the slowdown in residential construction, there is an expansion into commercial projects. With different codes, supply chains, staging, products, and competition how is lending impacted? Find out more in this on-demand recording: Commercial Construction Lending.

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