The next audiobook and ebook release in the CFTEA Global Workforce Library has landed with Increasing Your Happiness.


It has been a few years since the world went into lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic upended life as we knew it. In that time, everyday routines, sources of joy, and relationships have changed, often leaving little room for happiness. In its place, fear and sadness have become constant companions for many people, felt so often that they become base emotions.

Throughout the pandemic, a common refrain became “when this is all over.” Used to discuss everything from when you’ll see loved ones to when life will be better, it firmly declares that everything will improve post-pandemic.

While danger levels will subside and people will have greater control over their lives, the pandemic’s end will not flip a mental switch, telling fear and sadness it’s time to go. Even as we so desperately seek out happiness and a greater future, these emotions have become comfortable. Leaving them behind can not only be scary, but hard to navigate.

As you explore your happiness, remember that each feeling you have is valid. Try not to compare yourself to others or how you think you should feel. Each person will recover from the pandemic’s trauma and readjust at their own pace. What can you do to raise your happiness level?

** This content is not a replacement for a mental health professional.  Consult your doctor or a mental health professional for additional resources. **

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