Instructor Spotlight: Kristina McLaughlin, Passumpsic Bank

Human Resources and Employee Engagement Officer

I have taught for CFTEA for over five years and genuinely enjoy each course and curriculum. I love that CFTEA courses allow you to put your own personal insights to ensure students get a unique experience that allows for flexibility in organizational culture and procedures.

In my career, I have personally seen CFTEA courses help develop multiple students by allowing them access to education that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to receive. CFTEA makes it an easy avenue to success for all student endeavors – from Marketing to Compliance to Accounting. There is truly a course for everyone’s interests.

My one piece of advice for anyone considering to take a course would be to exude positivity! Find something that you are truly passionate about and stick with it!

Customer Service both internally and externally is my passion. Helping students develop their own personal professional style is so empowering and fun! Developing confident employees ensures that your institution will thrive.

Look for Kristina teaching our Quality Service course in the Littleton, New Hampshire area early this October as part of our new Certified Modern Banking Representative!

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