Instructor Spotlight:
Judy Barrett
Instructor with CFTEA for 10+ years

We interviewed Judy about teaching for CFTEA and these were some of her thoughts on her experience on how she has benefited:

“I have met many people that I wouldn’t have otherwise met both at my bank and other banks. It is nice to talk with individuals regarding their dreams and where they see themselves in the future.

I have had several students tell me that they have made changes in their financial life from the things they have learned in class. We discuss financial planning, debt, saving money, wills and real life experiences.

My boss, John Baiocco who is the President for TowneBank Norfolk, encouraged me early on to teach a class through CFTEA. We often discuss changes in the market place and relevant changes in banking. Our Director of Training, Rose Holloman spreads the word about our classes and really engages folks to sign up.”

Thank you Judy for your support and the time you take to teach for CFTEA!

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