Instructor Spotlight:
Jodi Robinson
Kennebunk Savings
Instructor with CFTEA for 10+ years

We interviewed Jodi about teaching for CFTEA and these were some of her thoughts on her experience:

“As a CFTEA instructor, I feel like I learn just as much from the students as the students learn from me. So not only am I teaching, but I am also learning every time I instruct a class. Often times I feel like I am more of a facilitator than an instructor, and my role is more about generating discussion amongst the participants rather than being the expert in the room.

I am always promoting other classes and trainings that CFTEA offers. I teach a lot of introductory courses so I touch upon many different subjects, but don’t go into them too deeply. If I happen to speak of a subject that I know is not covered in depth, I usually mention other courses the students might take to learn more. There is so much that CFTEA offers, so no matter what the students are interested in they can find a course to learn more.”

Thank you Jodi for your support and the time you take to teach for CFTEA!

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