Instructor Spotlight: Andrew Lederer
Instructor for 15+ Years

“One day I was presented with an opportunity to teach a CFTEA course from my manager Linda Bridges. And the rest is history.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to teach online, livestream webcourses, live and to support guided learning students. I also just completed working at the local community college for sixteen years! During those opportunities, I have interacted with amazing students that have had such an interest in taking advantage of professional development options to advance their career. Those stories are so empowering and inspiring.

I am always equally impressed by organizations that support learning and development, where career skills can be gained and growth is available. It supports community growth and stability by investing in the advancement of local people and their families.

In the end as an instructor, I am thankful for the stories that highlight the same message – everyone matters. When it all comes together from different partners and perspectives, it provides the most amazing outcomes in the lives of those in our community.”

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