Are you new to a career at a financial institution?  It is a wise choice in today’s job market.  While there are lots of employment options currently, the banking sector is a consistent and reliable source of well-paid jobs.

Careers in banking will also provide you with a number of transferable skills, from dealing with people to crunching numbers, so a job in the banking sector can be your gateway to other types of job in the future, too. Moreover, banking jobs have relatively higher paid roles, even at entry-level, than many other types of jobs, making a job in banking a great way to secure yourself and your loved ones in the future.

If you haven’t worked in banking before, it is a different environment from other jobs.  What are the some critical skills that new employees at a financial institution can develop for their own success?

All employees of a financial institution represent their organization, whether on the front line or in supporting back office roles.  Some employees are in the position to be the first person a customer sees.  Other employees deal with customers on the phone or via email.  All customer contact is critical to your organization’s success.

To help new employees, our course Your Role as a New Banker is an excellent course that focuses on four main areas:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Communication
  3. Quality Customer Service
  4. Promoting Products

Once completed, your learning and development or HR department can also gain credit for internal teller training at no cost to you or the organization.  This is sent to the CFTEA office for processing and applies directly toward the Foundations in Banking Certificate.  This is an excellent way to gain solid career skills in the banking world and position yourself for future growth.


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