While the pandemic has hit nonprofits and education hard, CFTEA is proud to announce 2021 Give Back efforts made possible by your continued support of our organization.

CFTEA has always been rooted in the community and our community partners are important to us.  Where opportunities exist, we provide a way to support limited training budgets that support individuals in our local communities.  Better education means better careers leading to a stronger community.

In 2021, we are proud to announce that CFTEA has provided $8,950 in giving back to organizations and individuals supporting our nonprofit.  A huge thank you for all that you do in working with our organization.


CFTEA gives back in a number of ways:

  • Courses at no charge.  A number of our courses are available for no cost and give students and organizations a hand up in reaching a career certificate, certification, or diploma.
  • Internal training transfers.  Where appropriate, CFTEA charges no feel to transfer in courses taught internally supporting an easier path to reaching career success and desired awards.
  • No fees.  In 2018, CFTEA removed all fee income to better support our organizational relationships.
  • Free professional development and leadership training for CFTEA board members.
  • Negotiating with our national vendors to provide special courses and assessments at no charge.


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