Feel your best so you can do your best!

We know schedules can get busy – whether you’re in the office or working from home more often like many due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Between meeting with borrowers and preparing closings, day-time home distractions from pets and kids, followed by family time after hours – it can be challenging to find time for exercise and implementing healthy habits.

The truth is, not everyone has the time. They dedicate time.

Here are 5 Healthy Habits to fit into your daily wellness routine at home:

1) Morning Minutes:

Carving out personal time for healthy habits before you meet with borrowers can be very effective. If you take just 30 minutes first thing in the morning, you’d be surprised with what you can accomplish!  Consider going on a 15-minute walk with your cup of coffee and having a mindful morning moment, or perhaps completing a short on-demand workout video.  Take additional short breaks as needed throughout the day to help clear mental space.

2) Commuter Calories:

According to the US Census Bureau*, the average American spends about 150 hours each year of their working life commuting to and from work. If you’re driving to work, consider riding your bike instead.  If you are within a reasonable walking distance, start out by walking a day or two each week. For those who work remotely, consider going on a 10-minute walk before your workday. You can use this as your morning “commute” time to get into the right head space – and burn some calories!

 3) Drink More Water:

We all know we should be doing it, yet many of us still don’t drink enough water. According to the Mayo Clinic**, men need about 15 cups of water per day and women need about 11 cups. Of course, this all varies based on your activity level and overall health. Eating a balanced diet and drinking enough water will keep you hydrated and help you stay alert when interacting with borrowers – so you can deliver the best solutions they need. Keep a water bottle near your home office as a helpful reminder to stay hydrated while you work.

4) In-motion meetings:

An easy, but an often-forgotten tip! If you’re working remotely, try taking walks, doing light stretches, or even simply standing up instead of sitting while on conference calls. Every little bit of physical activity can help you work toward your goals. If walking outside during a conference call, don’t forget about the added health benefit of soaking up some Vitamin D from the short burst of sun exposure.

5) Schedule Workouts like Client Meetings – and Stick to Them!

No matter the time of day, adding an exercise block to your calendar can be a great commitment to your health. If you have a re-occurring meeting on the calendar with an important client, you wouldn’t just skip it would you? Similarly, make your personal fitness block a priority as well. Choose an exercise intensity level you’re most comfortable with and start from there. Attend that virtual workout or yoga class you’ve been meaning to check out, or perhaps start that 5k training plan you’ve been putting off with a jog around the neighborhood!  The fact is, exercise has a direct connection to stress-relief and increases your overall health, according to experts at The Mayo Clinic***.

During this challenging time due to the pandemic impacting our daily work environments, taking the time to follow healthy habits that benefit your well-being are important and can be accomplished even on a busy schedule. Start by dedicating the time each day.

Be well, and cheers to your healthy habits!

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