Analyzing the Tax Returns of Businesses


Participants who attend this program should have a fundamental understanding of financial statements and business organizations. This course is intended for credit analysts, branch managers, loan officers, and others who are involved in the lending decision process with businesses.  Participants in this course should dress casually and bring a calculator, preferably a business calculator. All other materials, including a course manual, will be provided.

The only reliable financial information available from many businesses, especially small businesses, is contained in tax returns. When accountant prepared financial statements are not available from businesses, lenders and credit analysts will often need to make a lending decision based on the information contained in those tax returns. Analyzing the Tax Returns of Businesses will educate course attendees in the ways in which business tax returns are both similar to and differ from conventional financial statements.


Topics to be covered:
➢ Types of Business Organizations
➢ Relevant tax return schedules and forms for various types of businesses
➢ Identifying the cash inflows and outflows of businesses from tax returns
➢ Essential questions to ask when using the tax returns of businesses
Participants in this program will work with tax returns for the various types of business organizations, including partnerships, Limited Liability
Companies, S Corporations, and C-Corporations. Participants will learn how to analyze the creditworthiness of businesses and to evaluate loan
repayment ability

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