Enhance Your Potential, Build Your Leadership Narrative Certificate

LEADERSHIP NARRATIVE Certificate – Course Code C5030L

“If you aren’t the author of your own story, you’re the victim of it.” ~ Jim Loehr

Print formatted Leadership Narrative Certificate Worksheet

· Are you telling the story about your work that you want people to hear? Are you telling it in a way that they can hear it?
· Are you seeking a larger, more strategic impact on your organization?
· Are you overwhelmed with your tactical, daily operational role?
· Does the pace of your work make it difficult to focus on larger, more strategic issues?
· Do you feel you’re the only one struggling with these challenges?


Regardless of where you are in your career – looking to achieve the next level, from tactician to strategic decision maker; or as a senior professional trying to show that you can provide value to an organization – you need to tell your leadership narrative – the story of your unique value – what you love doing and do better than anyone else.


Enhance Your Potential, Build Your Leadership Narrative will help you define your leadership narrative and to align it to your goals. You will identify your professional / career goals for the year, with strategies and a road-map to meet those goals.


In this class you’ll learn to:
Understand Your Individual Strengths via StrengthsFinder 2.0
Align Your Strengths with Your Professional Goals by defining your goals for 2019
Develop Your Leadership Narrative by explaining
· What You Do
· Why You Do It
· Who You Do It For
· How You Do It

How To Get There From Here: An Action Plan for Achieving Your Professional Goals by aligning key tasks to your goals with specific time frames for completion


Conducted by:  Scott Woodard.

Scott Woodard is an executive and career development coach, helping leaders transform from strong to superb. He frames issues so people can take action and achieve their goals – for themselves, their organizations, their communities. He works with individuals and teams to see new patterns and create alternative ways to move forward. Together they identify small actions that lead to big changes.


Scott has conducted workshops and training to assist people in effectively showcasing their unique value. He has provided workshops for leaders in career transitions, providing the appropriate tools that demonstrate the value they bring to potential employers.  Scott has also facilitated workshops and training for teams to identify their strategic goals and develop measurable outcomes.


He has coached people from all walks of life: corporate executives and elected officials challenged to transform their organizations; Boomers trying to determine the “second acts” of their lives; and new graduates starting out in their first career.


Prior to his professional coaching career, Scott enjoyed a long career as a successful policy advisor to state and local elected leaders in Colorado. He was honored to receive a German Marshall Fund Fellowship in recognition of problem solving leadership for public sector leaders. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a BA in history.


He lives in Scarborough, Maine with his wife, a psychotherapist…so he is truly in touch with his feelings.


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