Marketing Planning (ABA)


Marketing Planning examines the process to develop a comprehensive strategic marketing plan. The course reviews research that helps a bank marketer assess their customers and trade area opportunities and how to integrate the information into a situation analysis. It covers activities from the discovery phase to setting objectives, creating action plans and developing the related budget.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives
• Understand the importance of customer and market research.
• Clarify the need for market segmentation and product focus
• Define the structure for marketing objectives and goals
• Understand the sequence for creating vision, mission, values and a competitive advantage
• Provide
• Identify the best structure for documenting the marketing plan

This is a foundation course to develop skills and best practices for preparing a marketing plan. It is designed for employees interested in taking an active role
in the management of bank marketing. This is an entry-level course for anyone planning to work in a marketing department at a financial institution.

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