Congratulations to CFTEA Member Advocate and Enrollment Specialist, Tammy for completing her first Disney Institute course – Disney’s Approach to Quality Service!

Amazing quality service and individualize service has always been a standard at our non-profit.  Tammy had this to say about the experience: “I was particularly taken by the section that pointed out that even though a situation may not be “our fault,” in the customer service world the situation is still “our problem.” It drove home the point that to provide superior quality service we have to think this way to eliminate less than superior quality customer service before it is a situation.

For example, there were questions about course instructions. I could have say, “That’s not my fault. I provided the information.” However, I proactively reworked the design of the information delivery to add clarity. Students were happier because information was easy to find, which made me happy. Win! Win! Seems simple, but some times you need a course like this to put it in such a way that it resonates.”

At CFTEA, our employees continue to keep learning in order to provide a quality experience to all those that we touch. It’s our continued way of showing our students, partners and customers how much they matter.

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