Leadership Conference Growing Forward

It starts today!   CFTEA provides benefits to our partners by paying for leadership development and hotel expenses for Thursday evening.  Our board members and friends in learning and development are meeting in October under our conference theme:  Growing Forward!

CFTEA’s 22nd annual leadership conference is day and a half of development, networking and growth.  In the past year, CFTEA has developed new partnerships, certificates, diplomas and certifications, updated course material and launched a new interactive website with the goal of supporting current needs in a rapidly changing business environment.

By personal invitation, attendees gain insights into what is next for CFTEA and experience personal growth in learning and development.  An investment in this conference provides key opportunities to interact with strategic partners, develop leadership and team skills through a personal DiSC assessment followed by a situational team leadership workshop.  Attendees are welcome to join the CFTEA board meeting Friday morning and experience a thought-provoking and interactive session on assessing your training needs.  This conference provides so many opportunities to recognize the hard work of our supporters and give back to the learning and development community.  A huge thank you to all those supporting our non-profit.


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