Board Spotlight: Carrie Welch, VP Training and Education Manager
First National Bank

Board members are critical to non-profits because they ensure CFTEA is fulfilling its mission, is financially stable as well as provide critical oversight and guidance to the executive director. They enthusiastically represent CFTEA within the community. Their volunteer leadership is essential for CFTEA to continue its mission as a for-impact organization within the community.

To keep diversity and fresh perspectives among the board of directors, CFTEA is happy to welcome Carrie Welch from First National Bank as a new board member! Carrie first met CFTEA Executive Director, Andrew Lederer, at a Training Conference in 2018. From there she joined the CFTEA Community Advisory Council, as well as working with board members on the Education Committee.

What made her take the step to join the CFTEA Board of Directors? Carrie shared, “I have two reasons for wanting to become a member of the board. First, in a time when secondary education is skyrocketing in cost, I feel CFTEA can help people gain the professional development skills required to further their careers at a more reasonable cost. I hope that I can bring some exposure to the opportunity that CFTEA offers. Second, this is my first time being on a board and I’m excited for the learning experiences it will bring!”

Reflecting on the CFTEA core values of Trusted, Flexible, Passionate, and Innovative, Carrie provided an experience highlighting the value of Flexibility provided by CFTEA. “This comes to mind based on my experience with wanting to put some new mortgage lenders at First National Bank through one of CFTEA’s certificate programs. The program had them taking some courses that were not relevant to our lenders based on our structure. We were able to find some replacements course and still have them earn the certificate.” The custom approach is one that CFTEA uses to meet the unique needs of organizations.

As Carrie takes on new responsibilities as a board member and is paired with a mentor, she reflected on what she is looking forward to when serving. “I believe the most rewarding thing about being a board member will be helping CFTEA continue to grow and be successful. I look forward to using the knowledge that I gain about CFTEA to help share what the organization has to offer.”

When Carrie isn’t working in Learning and Development, she enjoys a good sunrise hike and being a dog mom to two Great Danes who think they are Teacup Chihuahuas. 😊

Welcome aboard, Carrie!



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