As people suddenly transitioned to remote work, they were bombarded with relevant articles around logistics. Most tips covered questions like: How do I remove distractions while working from home? How do I set up a “work-from-home” station? What’s the etiquette for video calls?

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But as this transition has become the new norm (whether permanently or as a flexible, hybrid option), the focus has shifted. It’s time to get a handle on work-from-home skills that not only make the situation workable, but that also make it productive and effective.

There are many things you can do to get your organization running smoothly with remote work. One of the most important is to offer training on work-from-home skills. The questions you should be asking now are: What are the skills we need to be as productive and successful as we were before the transition? How do we train ourselves and our teams on those skills?

We are happy to announce that through the work of our education committee, a new Working Remotely Certificate Bundle has been created that allows for a price break and the support needed to make a transition to remote work a success for the employee and the organization.

How remote work has changed the way we work

But first, let’s take a step back. Is there really a need to upskill or train employees now that the same work is being done remotely?

The short answer is yes.

Even though the tools for work may be the same, the way people use them and the roles they play are changing. Likewise, even though workdays seem like “business as usual”, the challenges of a physical and a remote workplace are quite different.

This means that we need to unlearn some habitslearn new skills and learn how to use new tools, and even adjust the ways we use existing skills and tools to address new work conditions.

With training tailored to the new remote work norm, you’ll support your employees and make this new way of working a success.

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