Council of the Year- Sapphire Award – Kristina McLaughlin from Passumpsic Bank, Lisa Engel from Wells River Savings Bank, Erica Antonucci from Union Bank, VT & NH as well as Rhonda Caswell and Kristina Bishop from Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank were the recipients of this year’s Sapphire Award!

2019 Council of the Year – Sapphire Award – North Country, New Hampshire (Pictured Kristina McLaughlin & Lisa Engel)

Over the years, CFTEA has actively recognized key contributors that support career focused learning and instruction in their local areas. The North Country, New Hampshire Council provided critical support to run courses in their area and in other areas as well. Their engagement and support shows not only the commitment of their financial institutions, but also the personal giving back to a new and rising workforce. The Council of the Year goes beyond CFTEA and shows support for our communities and workforce development.

Congratulations for all your hard work and leadership!!! May this desktop award provide a daily reminder of the your key contributions this past year! Thank you! .

2019 Council of the Year – Sapphire Award

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