To support continued learning and leadership development, CFTEA is proud to announce our first ever intern position opening for applications October 1, 2021 intended to introduce the process of governance, non-profit budget construction and operational activities.  It provides a unique networking opportunity with community business leaders and a strong voice that reflects the next generation of business leaders.

This is definitely an opportunity to a young professional to unlock their potential starting with CFTEA!



For faster career development. While three corporate employees may be assigned to one project, an intern in a nonprofit may find him/herself assigned to three projects. This can lead to faster career development and unparalleled growth
opportunities that exist for those looking to grow quickly

For real world experience. Interning for a nonprofit organization often provides a great deal of practical experience, such as: presenting plans to a board, working with the media, evaluating important projects, and supervising or collaborating with other bright, motivated people.

To meet talented and passionate people. Nonprofits employ interesting people. It is a common misconception that nonprofits have to settle for only those employees willing to work long hours for low pay. Nonprofits often get to choose between the best and the brightest candidates and can afford to be picky about who they choose to employ. While interning for a non-profit, you will have the opportunity to surround yourself with some of the most amazing people you will ever know. One way of improving yourself is to seek the company of people who are the best in the world. Get to know the people who sit on the organization’s Board of Directors because they share the same goals and often bridge the gap to the for-profit world.

Because every day is a surprise. Working or interning in the nonprofit sector is rarely a routine task. One day you could be helping with a student awards program and the next you may be designing a website or recruiting volunteers. The benefit to this array of responsibilities is that they will strengthen your resume but more importantly, will assist you in narrowing down your desired career path.

Interested in learning more?  Contact our office.

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