Natalie Campbell of Camden National Bank has been awarded the CFTEA 2023 Making a Difference Award. The award is based on innovative thinking and inspiration. As an active council member, Natalie eagerly shared ideas on how CFTEA course searches could be improved and expanded through the use of tags.

Not everyone searches for courses the same way or uses the same words. Previously course searches were done by searching on course names. This didn’t always give back the expansive results that were needed. For example, someone might use the word supervisor, another the word manager, or even team leader. Searches were coming up with fewer options. This is where tags come in as they provide additional search words beyond a course title. Natalie volunteered to come up with suggested tags for a series of courses that were identified as key skills financial institutions were looking for with training. Natalie’s list was expansive and really enhanced searching the full course library!

As a new CFTEA council member, Natalie worked with board committees to report her suggestions. The suggestions were accepted and updated on the CFTEA website. This is an example of the HUGE impact that an individual person can have in enhancing the experience for all.

Truly outstanding and well deserving of the CFTEA 2023 Making a Difference Award! Thank you, Natalie and congratulations on your recognition!

Previous Winners

2019 – Katrina Randlett & Nancy Hines

2020 – Joe Happnie

2021 – Julie Stevens

2022 – Brianna Critch

2023 – Pete Joslin & Natalie Campbell

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