What is a final industry trend that will impact learning and development in 2022?

Last time the focus was generational changes hitting the business world.
With the structure of our work week evolving more than ever, there’s no doubt that the format for how we work and learn has changed. This could involve shifts into flex hours, or full-time to part-time remote working.
This is applicable to learning and development too. With employees that have many specific and unique needs, ditching the one-size-fits-all approach is key to providing effective training. This can be done through individualized training. This approach to training provides a more individualized format of training that gives employees options to receive their training in a way that suits their needs. This could involve providing in-person training, guided learning, CFTEA Workplace, Virtual Classrooms, or a blended learning approach.
Another training approach anticipated to continue to grow in popularity in 2022 is microlearning. Microlearning provides employees with easily-digested bites of information or instruction that can be immediately applied to a task or project.
Microlearning has never been easier with our fully customizable materials. Select relevant modules and distribute accordingly. Microlearning has been proven to improve focus and retention and could be the ideal approach for upcoming generations entering the workforce in 2022.
What conclusions can be reached from all these trends? Stay tuned for a wrap-up of these predictions to better support organizational training.
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