In celebration of our silver anniversary as a non-profit, CFTEA held the 2022 Leader’s Conference with the theme, Building Tomorrow’s Talent Today at a live venue for the first time in three years! The powerful program topics, information, networking, and positive spirit led the day. The planning committee did an amazing job. The two-day program allowed board members, council members, and learning and development professionals to engage in a spirit of celebration.

While this is our 25th anniversary as a non-profit organization, our roots started in 1912 and that makes us an organization with 110 years in the making!

A huge thank you to Arielle Darling for the gift of Ollie, the CFTEA mascot! So cute that he took center stage throughout the conference! Workshops, group work, and the foundations for the next round of strategic planning were set.

A number of awards and recognition were handed out that will be posted in the coming days.

Are you someone that would like to be part of our board of directors or regional advisory council? Contact us for more information.

Information on our next Leader’s Conference in Fall 2023 will be available shortly.


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