The top jobs to get ahead

People are actively switching jobs and even fields during The Great Reshuffle. Many are searching for more fulfilling positions, but they may not want want to lose too much professional ground when taking a leap. To help people plot their moves, LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team recently crunched the data to find out which roles provide a fast-track to promotion.  We are here to help!  See what CFTEA offers in these hot jobs.
Here are the five job functions with the most rapid promotion rates:
  • 1 – Product Management
  • 2 – Marketing
    • Digital Marketing Certificate
    • Marketing Certificate
    • Bank Marketing Certificate
    • Bank Marketing Diploma
  • 3 – Program and Project Management
    • AGILE Project Management
    • Project Management Team Leaderships
  • 4 – Accounting
    • Accounting Certificate
    • Accounting Diploma
  • 5 – Human Resources
    • HR Certificate
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