Presentation Skills Suite


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This suite of four courses* explores delivering effective presentations in-person and virtually. Get tips and tactics for developing strong openings and closings, maintaining an audience’s attention, and exuding confidence. Concise, impactful lessons can be applied on the job immediately.

*Only available as a suite.

• Crafting Your Message
Guides you through keeping an audience’s attention during your presentation. Get tips on using attention-getters such as open and closed questions and presentation slides.

• Delivering Your Message
Guides you through delivering a presentation professionally. Get tips for controlling symptoms of nervousness. Discover appropriate body language techniques to show confidence.

• Getting Started
Guides you through grabbing an audience’s attention with strong openings and memorable closings.

• Presenting Virtually
Guides you through effectively using a virtual platform for delivering presentations. Learn how to customize the presentation topic to suit a virtual audience. Get tips on ways to hold the attention of a virtual audience, which are different than managing face-to-face presentations.

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