IRA Fundamentals



IRA Fundamentals

IRA Fundamentals is the perfect workshop for individuals who are just starting out in the retirement services industry or for those who simply need a refresher on IRAs. Attendees will learn the requirements for establishing an IRA, contributing to an IRA, and distributing from an IRA. By using hands-on training and real-life examples, students will experience this information.

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Course Topics
Traditional and Roth IRA Plan Establishment
• Explain IRA plan agreement and disclosure statement requirements
• Discuss IRA beneficiary designations Contributions
• Review IRA contribution eligibility requirements
• Identify the contribution limit and deadline

• Compare the tax consequences of Traditional and Roth IRA distributions
• Review withholding requirements
• Learn exceptions to the early distribution penalty tax
• Discuss required minimum distribution requirements
• Summarize IRA beneficiary options

• Compare transfers and rollovers
• Explain rollovers between IRAs and employer-sponsored retirement plans
• Discuss conversions and recharacterizations

Required Reporting
• Review annual reporting requirements
• Explain IRS reporting deadlines

Course Benefits
After attending this seminar, you will
• understand the IRA establishment process,
• know how to select and complete appropriate IRA transaction forms,
• recall the Traditional and Roth IRA contribution limits,
• realize which procedures to follow when accepting IRA contributions,
• understand how to process IRA distributions,
• recognize the types of reports you must submit to IRA owners and to the IRS, and
• know the pertinent information you must include on required reports.

You should attend this seminar if you
• need to learn the basic rules that govern Traditional and Roth IRAs, or
• need an updated, general refresher on IRA rules.

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