Improving Productivity


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Provides the main elements of productivity, and the guidelines on how to evaluate and improve productivity in the workplace. This course explains how to consistently and systematically apply a six-step process to resolving productivity problems in the work environment. It begins the process by carefully investigating what events, processes, or procedures lead to the problem. This course explains how to look for opportunities to improve the end result. It focuses on the value of work groups in the process, and what needs to be done to resolve problems and enhance current productivity levels.


After completing this course, students will be able to:
• Describe the manager’s role in productivity challenges for banks
• Identify the three elements of productivity
• Pinpoint the production problems in problem in everyday scenarios
• Identify obstacles that are keeping work groups from reaching optimal performance levels
• Determine the best method to identify potential productivity obstacles through the use of interviewing, fishbone diagrams and flow charts
• Use rating, ranking and matrix screening methods for evaluating productivity solutions
• Describe the steps for implementing productivity solutions

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