Creating a High Performing Team Bundle

A high-performing team is more than a collection of skilled employees.

Skilled people can excel at what they do but won’t necessarily work well together. A team is a group of people, so these people can’t just be outstanding on their own.

A high-performing team needs coordination, communication, and the ability to complement each other’s skill sets and working styles.

When great talent comes together they inspire those around them and achieve amazing business results for their companies. The question is, how to build a high-performing team?

This bundle provides guidance on the fundamentals of a high-performing team, how skills-based hiring can help you build one, and why diversity is such a crucial element.

This cost-saving bundle provides support in helping you reach your goals with your team. Courses may be taken individually or receive cost savings by purchasing the entire bundle.

The bundle includes the following courses:

Adapting Your Leadership Style

This course will enable you to adopt the qualities of an effective leader and communicate more constructively with your team by adjusting your behavioral style to meet the needs of employees. As a result, you’ll be  better able to  facilitate meetings smoothly, engage in constructive one-on-one conversations and ultimately, build rapport among colleagues.

Assertiveness Skills

This course will teach you the right balance of assertiveness and how to avoid being passive, passive-aggressive, or aggressive. Through learning assertiveness phrases, behaviors and body language, you will be able to handle conflict confidently, get your opinions respected, and take criticism constructively.

Creating a Culture of Ownership and Responsibility

Picture a workplace where trust is unquestioned, commitments are clear, personal responsibility is high, people take ownership of problems, and mistakes are treated as opportunities to improve rather than reasons to blame. These conditions are the cornerstone of a positive work environment.

Keys to Successful Mentoring

This program will show you how to establish and maintain a successful mentoring relationship from both the perspective of a mentor and a mentee to ensure you gain the most from the opportunity.

Onboarding New Employees

Onboarding takes employees further. Unlike an orientation, it is an integration process that not only provides the company information new hires need, but also ensures that they become actively involved as quickly as possible, jumpstarting their contributions to productivity.

Onboarding walks you through a model with four overlapping elements: Resources, Rules, Relationships, and Roles.


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