Taking Initiative

Taking Initiative – Course Code H5086SP

How You Will Benefit

Initiative—you know it when you see it. Employees who take initiative act instead of react. They complete tasks without being told, they spot opportunities and seize them, and they persist in the face of obstacles. According to a study by Dan Schawbel and American Express, 73% of managers want employees who continually look for ways the company can improve or take advantage of opportunities. Initiative benefits both the individual and the organization. Individuals who take initiative gain experience and knowledge that may propel job growth or a promotion and are seen as leaders regardless of position or level of authority. Employees who take initiative reflect a proactive culture. The organization is less likely to become a “dinosaur” with a “we’ve always done it that way” attitude.

Employee initiative can make a difference in many ways, some of which include greater customer satisfaction, cost savings, new product ideas, and better problem solving skills. In one sense, taking initiative is simply doing what needs to be done without being asked. Organizations appreciate employees who notice the copy machine is broken and call for service, who follow up with a customer after handling a problem, who teach themselves how to use the newest software program so they can help others, etc. This program, however, targets taking initiative on a larger scale—solving problems and taking advantage of opportunities that require a substantial investment of your energy and effort to effect widespread and long-term change.

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