Sales Essentials 5 – Presenting, Overcoming and Closing

Presenting, Overcoming and Closing – Course Code H5044SP

It’s true. Preparation is key, especially when it comes to selling. Successful salespeople know it. From mastering product knowledge to understanding what the client wants and figuring out how to clinch the sale, they always do their homework. Always. But knowing what to prepare—and how to prepare—can’t be left to trial and error. That’s because developing the ability to see through the client’s eyes, pinpoint their needs, think outside of the box, and deliver a convincing presentation takes time, training, practice, and then more practice.


Learning Outcomes:
• Learn an easy-to-use model for presenting solutions
• Understand how to effectively describe features and benefits
• Become skilled at identifying customer objections
• Know how to overcome objections using an effective model
• Learn and master specific steps to close a deal

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