Professional Development 5 – How to Manage Your Emotions

How to Manage Your Emotions – Course Code H5035GL

Length: Approx. 55 minutes
While it is not always possible to check emotions at the door, it is possible to figure out what triggers emotional responses and then learn how to respond appropriately. From minimizing frustration to conquering negative self-talk, This training will give individuals the tools they need to control physical responses, reframe thinking, handle accidental outbursts, and learn long-term strategies for channeling emotions.

Learning Outcomes:
• Recognize the messages our emotions send us at work
• Understand the trigger-perception-response cycle
• Reframe our thinking to avoid emotional outbursts
• Replace emotional outbursts with productive confrontations
• Recover from your own or another person’s emotional outburst
• Employ long-term strategies to channel emotions productively

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