IRA Advanced from Ascensus

IRA ADVANCED from Ascensus – Course Code S5016L

If you already have a basic understanding of IRAs but need additional training on complex IRA issues, then Advanced IRA workshop is perfect for you! This workshop takes an in-depth look at some of the more challenging issues facing the retirement plan industry today. For example, you will learn how to properly amend IRA documents, how to avoid converting or rolling over ineligible assets, how to establish separate accounting by the required deadline, and how to meet the IRS reporting requirements. You also will receive current information on any legislative changes affecting the retirement plan industry.

By attending Advanced IRA workshop, you will learn advanced concepts and how to apply those concepts to real-life situations. So don’t miss out—
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Course Highlights

Amendment Issues
• Amendment requirements
• Amendment procedures

Contribution Issues
• Avoiding excess contributions
• Removing excess contributions
• Recharacterizing contributions

Portability Issues
• Satisfying the 60-day rule and the 12-month rule
• Determining eligible conversion or rollover amounts
• Rolling over pretax and after-tax assets

RMD and Beneficiary Issues
• Delaying an IRA owner’s first RMD payment
• Satisfying year-of-death RMDs
• Establishing separate accounting by the required deadline
• Naming trusts, estates, and minors as beneficiaries

Reporting Issues
• Penalties for failing to file required reports
• Substitute form requirements
• Correction procedures

What You Will Learn
After attending this workshop, you will be able to
• discuss the IRA amendment requirements,
• explain the process for rolling over pretax and after-tax assets to an IRA,
• remove or recharacterize excess contributions,
• establish separate accounting for beneficiary accounts, and
• correct reporting errors.

Who Should Attend?
• IRA administrators, personal bankers, and member services personnel who are looking to build and expand their IRA knowledge
• Financial professionals looking for new ways to integrate IRAs into retirement planning
• Seasoned IRA professionals who want access to the latest industry information
• Compliance personnel with procedural oversight of IRA policies and practices

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