CTFA Exam Online Prep (ABA)


A convenient way to prepare for the Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) designation from ABA Professional Certifications. Participants use the Wealth Advisory and Personal Trust Series (WAPTS) as their study tool, listen to 19 recorded lectures, and have access to a test on each subject area, modeled after a CTFA exam.


Learning Objectives
• Explain how fiduciary and trust activities are related to basic trust administration
• Develop an understanding of federal estate and gift taxation, planning for gifts and related tax-planning strategies
• Describe basic investments management and the economics markets
• Apply personal financial planning concepts as a tool to enhance client relationships


This course is designed for those preparing for the Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) Exam. The Certified Trust and Financial Advisor© (CTFA) is applicable to financial services professionals whose primary function and expertise focus on the provision of fiduciary services related to trusts, estates, guardianships and individual asset management accounts.

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