Certified IRA Specialist II (CIS II)

Earn the Certified IRA Specialist II (CIS II) Designation

This level of certification is geared for those with a solid IRA knowledge base who want to expand their skills or get up to speed on regulatory information. Earning this certification shows expertise in a broad range of IRA transactions, including excess contributions, recharacterizations, rollovers and transfers, required minimum distributions, and conversions. You will also have a clearer understanding of death claim processes and withholding.

To ensure adequate preparation for the Certified IRA Specialist II (CIS II) exam, it is highly recommended you meet the following.

Candidates are not required to earn the CIS I in order to earn the CIS II certification. A candidate who has passed the CIS II exam with a grade of 80 percent or better will be registered as a Certified IRA Specialist II.

Continuing education credits can be applied to maintain certification.  See the Ascensus website for approved continuing education.

Register for Ascend

Ascensus offers the opportunity for Ascend participants to earn the professional designation of Certified IRA Specialist II (CIS II).

Ascend Registration Fee: $1,399

CIS II Exam Fees: $299 each

Exam Retake Exam: $299

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