Fundamentals of Credit Analysis and Business Finance


This program has been designed to assist bankers as well as economic developers, community developers, and others in analyzing the creditworthiness of businesses. Over a two-day period of  time, course participants will learn how to analyze the financial statements of businesses and how to structure financial packages. Case studies of actual businesses will be used to demonstrate to students the standard credit analysis techniques of finance professionals. Students who take this course will work in predetermined teams. At the conclusion of the program, participants will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of operating businesses and be able to distinguish between quality, marginal and poor credits.

Program Covers:
➢ Business Credit Analysis – what it is
➢ The company’s balance sheet/overview
➢ Current assets
➢ Current liabilities
➢ Working capital
➢ Statement spreading
➢ Case study
➢ Long-term assets
➢ Long-term liabilities
➢ Case study
➢ The profit and loss statement
➢ Case study
➢ Types of financing
➢ Types of business organizations

The pace of training in this course will be rigorous. Participants should dress casually and bring a calculator (preferably a business calculator). All other materials including course manuals will be provided.

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