Advanced Credit Analysis and Business Finance


This program has been designed to assist private and public sector lenders in analyzing the credit worthiness of businesses. The information presented in this two-day program is designed for experienced lenders or others who have received some previous training in credit analysis. During the course of the program, participants will learn how cash is generated and used by enlisting businesses as well as how to develop and analyze financial projections. Time will also be spent discussing the particular techniques that are required to analyze start-up businesses. Throughout the
program, case studies of actual Maine businesses will be used to demonstrate the credit analysis methods of finance professionals. Students who take this course will work in predetermined teams. At the program’s conclusion, participants will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses in businesses and be able to structure effective financing packages.

Program topics:
➢ Review of Business Credit Principles
➢ The Cash flow Statement
➢ Projecting a Profit and Loss Statement
➢ Projecting a Balance Sheet
➢ The Use of Tax Returns in Place of Financial Statements
➢ Permanent Working Capital
➢ Analyzing Start-Up Businesses
➢ Determining a Business’ Break-Even Point
➢ Sources of Subordinated Debt Financing

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