Organizational Trust

Organizational Trust – Course Code H5074SP

Trust is essential for any organization to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive global environment. Research has found that organizations with high levels of trust are more credible, productive, flexible, innovative, and able to adapt to changing circumstances and effectively handle crises.


Organizations with high levels of trust, such as Google, which in 2018 ranked #1 on Fortune Magazine’s list of the best companies to work for, are better able to recruit and retain the best people because they provide an environment that helps employees to do their best work.


Not only is trust essential for an organization, it is essential for individuals, especially those in leadership or managerial positions, because employees will respect and more readily accept the ideas of those they trust. In this program, we’ll learn how trust improves relationships at all levels, and we’ll learn how to exemplify the characteristics and behaviors of a trustworthy person. We’ll look at how your team can embody those traits and ultimately reduce the stress that often results from low levels of trust, improve your reputation, and increase team members’ productivity, innovation, and ability to work effectively with others both within and outside of the organization.

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