Oversight and Management of Operational Risk (ABA)

Oversight and Management of Operational Risk (ABA)- Course Code A2069SP

Explains the principal roles for board of directors and senior leaders when establishing an operational risk governance
program. Identifies the importance of effective challenge by the board, risk culture and appetite, three lines of defense,
and methods for measuring operational losses, and definition of economic capital. Covers the criteria for key risk
indicator (KRI) selection


After completing this course, students will be able to:
• Describe the principles of effective operational risk governance and the roles of the board and senior management in overseeing operational risk programs
• Identify the elements of an effective operational risk governance program
• Describe the three lines of defense approach and its role in establishing effective management and oversight of operational risk across the organization
• Identify the methods used in measuring operational risk
• Describe criteria for key risk indicator (KRI) selection and best practices in monitoring and reporting operational risk

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