Mortgage Servicing: Force-Placed Insurance (ABA)

Mortgage Servicing: Force-Placed Insurance (ABA)-Course Code A2060SP

Covers specific requirements for when servicers can purchase force-placed insurance, what guidance exists for fees, how servicers seek repayment of advanced premiums, and how servicers handle loans with force-placed insurance in foreclosure and the cancellation of force-placed insurance when it is no longer needed.


After completing this course, students will be able to:
• Identify to which loans the Servicing Rules force-placed insurance requirements apply and what insurance types constitute           forced-placed insurance
• Describe how the Servicing Rules address FDCPA liability pertaining to debt collection
• Explain the Servicing Rules’ notice requirements for force-placed insurance
• Describe the Servicing Rules requirements that pertain to handling force-placed insurance transactions

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